team near naked

“With Team Near Naked I’ve achieved things I never thought possible. The support from Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and the head-turning impact of the naked skinsuit make you feel invincible. What a great cause! Loved it!”

Tom, Team Near Naked veteran

Our mission

We are a charity dedicated to fighting male cancers. We cycle to raise awareness and reduce the embarrassment of cancer because we believe that awareness is the key in the fight against the disease. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

We are famous for our near naked, head-turning apparel. It’s designed to inspire you to push boundaries and personal limits, and encourage those around you to think about their health and wellbeing.

Our rides

Our locations and rides are unique and this is what makes us great. We know that most cyclists want variety and adventure, so we provide innovative and creative challenges for different levels of stamina and skill.

We provide our riders with all food, fuel, support vehicles, accommodation (and the occasional spa!) when they join us on a challenge. So, whether you are the driving force of the peloton or a first timer, our cycling challenges provide incredible support from start to finish.

Our kit

Only when you sign up to be a part of one of our challenges will you receive our head-turning kit: British designed and Italian made. It has been been designed in partnership with uber cool cycling brand Le Col, and informed by the feedback from cyclists and athletes to give you the confidence and support to achieve your goal. It’s quality rivals many pro-level kits.

Both male and female stock is available in five different sizes and three different skin colour ranges.

Riding in the near naked peloton is an experience to savour. If you’re not used to turning every head that you cycle past, you’ve not lived!

Have you got what it takes?

Members of Team Near Naked come from all walks of life. We are male, female, black, white, young, old, and have a range of fitness levels. But we are united by a single desire to push ourselves to the limit for a good cause …and have a load of fun doing it.

We have something for everyone and you can be at the heart of it. Begin your journey here!